About Reel Ladies Brand

Reel Ladies gear was founded in 2013 and launched in 2021 by Suzy Nichols as a brand to encourage ladies to fish without compromising style and protection, to promote fishing as a "ladies can too" sport, and to support fishing and outdoor sport events for women and children.

Suzy also founded Reel Ladies of Panama City Beach (RLPCB) Fishing Team and Reel Kids Sportfishing in 2021.

Since 2013
Reel Ladies Sportfishing

Reel Ladies Sportfishing (RLS) formerly Reel Ladies of Panama City Beach is a fishing team made up of a diverse group of women who love to fish, explore the outdoors, experience the camaraderie and the sportsmanship of fun or tournament fishing. RLS are involved in encourage ladies and children to fish and promote empowerment , conservation and sustainable fishing through education, free fishing clinics and fishing rodeos.

Reel Kids

Reel Kids was also created by Suzy in June 2021 to offer kids free fishing clinics and rodeos to promote the sport of fishing, encourage responsible anglers and teach sustainable fishing, with hopes to get kids off the couch and online to outside and "on line" with a fish.

Meet Suzy Nichols, J.D., M.H.L

Suzy was born in New York where she began fishing at the age of four years old as her daddy's fishing buddy. She crabbed, clammed, and fished primarily for the flat crazy eyed-fluke fish. Suzy made her way to Florida in the late 80's where she honed in on her blue water deep sea fishing skills. She traveled to some of the best fishing destinations in the world seeking out her trophy fish which include: Sailfish in Costa rica, short-billed spear fish off the island of Kona, HI and landing her biggest catch, this swordfish, out of Venice, LA. Some of her favorite fishing buddies are her husband, her three boys and her four-legged baby, Theo.

Suzy founded Reel Ladies because of her love for fishing and the great outdoors coupled with a strong desire to educate, promote and encourage sustainable fishing. She also founded Reel Kids Sportfishing where free fishing events are held in Panama City Beach, Florida, to get children involved in fishing.

Her love for fishing and fashion created Reel Ladies gear which serves two important purposes; (1) to encourage more women to enjoy the sport or the lifestyle in comfort and fashion; and (2) a way to give back through sponsorships and donations to the Reel Ladies Fishing teams and Reel Kids events.